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About Us

Established in 2018, Use Your Privilege For Good is an educational resource based platform for individuals to learn and gain awareness on how to alter and challenge 'privileged' mindsets to create a more equal world for everyone. 

The focus of privilege was a very deliberate choice and something we have been very conscious of through each discussion and discourse we pursue on this platform.


The intention of such a focus is not to exclude, rather challenge a particular group of people who often have the largest impact on our society and those considered to be within vulnerable positions. Through this, we aim at making people aware of their privileged position and the impact they may have on others as a result.

Our mission is to challenge the way people can so comfortably think.

We aim to bring new perspectives to development, sustainability, and issues that can often be mixed with privilege, through various methods of engagement and educational materials.

Use Your Privilege For Good is a Melbourne/ Naarm based resource platform that is continually looking for accountability and growth to better ourselves on a path to social justice; both nationally and internationally.

Get To Know Us


Georgia Rodgers

Pronoun: she/ her

Creator of Use Your Privilege For Good.

Having graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Development Studies and a Master of Human Rights, Georgia hopes to share some of the knowledge she has learnt along the way. 


Here at Use Your Privilege For Good, we are always looking for collaborations and ways to develop and grow as a platform.


If you're interested in a connecting; drop us a line below! 

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