Talking Privilege

Understanding Concepts

Before delving into any discussions within this platform, it is important to understand the key concepts and themes that are continuously raised and discussed throughout. 

Click below to understand such concepts and ideas behind Use Your Privilege For Good.

What's Our Role In All Of This?

This is the easy part! 

​To contribute positively and effectively within society and the broader world, we must recognize and be aware of our position within it and the power such a position holds. 

If the concept of 'privilege' resonates with you, it's essential to begin to recognize your impact and the power you hold within society; in comparison to those who are often considered as the 'minority'. Through this, begin to recognize who is represented more within society and who is given the greater platform. From this recognition, it is essential to develop a critical reflection.

With privilege comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes the importance of education and adhering to creating and contributing to a more equal and safer world for everyone.

Recognising Our Privilege

Being aware of your privilege should not be seen as a negative burden. We are not here to try and make you feel guilty! 


Rather, being aware of your position and power within society should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and be responsible, so we can collectively challenge our current systems that are limiting others to the same opportunities we so freely and easily benefit from.

Being aware and using our privilege for good, allows the opportunity for an inclusive world for everyone.

"The more privilege you have, the more opportunity you have. The more opportunity you have, the more responsibility you have." - Noam Chomsky

Responsible Tourism

Responsible travel, otherwise known as 'sustainable tourism', is the term referred to tourists travelling to another destination and making a conscious effort to make a positive impact on the local environment, society, and economy. These efforts often involve local transportation, accommodation, entertainment, recreation, food, and shopping.

Volunteer Travel

Wanting to volunteer overseas? How ethical are your choices?

Check out our checklist to find out!

Learning From Your Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes.

The team at Use Your Privilege For Good have made plenty of naive choices throughout their lives too!

But the most important thing from these mistakes is to learn from each experience and better ourselves as a result.

Click below to follow Georgia's journey to development and the mistakes she made along the way.

After all, when we know better, we can do better; so here we are! 

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