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It's As Easy As That!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Within this piece I thought I would update my sustainable progress as a way to hold myself accountable and to also continue to encourage anyone else thinking of switching a few things over to the green side. I also want to show that if I- a young 21 year old in the midst of a busy work and study schedule, can accomplish these alternatives, then anyone can. Because if anyone is capable of making excuses and opting for the easier option, it's us millennial's......apparently! (Just kidding, it's equally our middle aged parents whom I am hoping might read this too!)

To start with, and extending on from a previous piece I wrote called: 'Step One',

I wanted to readdress my bathroom habits. Below is a photo of my current main bathroom supplies (excluding makeup), as well as a photo of me and my partner's bathroom setup....I have to admit, I'm quite proud of the bonus aesthetics these alternatives have brought!

Here we have swapped body-wash and hand-wash for soap bars; eliminating plastic bottles and packaging, as well as avoiding those nasty micro-beads that are often found in these types of soaps which are extremely harmful to our environment. We have also swapped generic shampoo that comes in plastic bottles, for shampoo bars; equally as effective, but with less packaging and zero plastic. Another thing I am excited to have swapped is our tubed toothpaste for toothpaste tablets; again creating less packaging and a healthier alternative to generic toothpastes. Did you know that one billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year alone!? Through purchasing toothpaste tablets, these alternatives are most commonly supplied by companies in glass jars and do not contain plastic or non-recyclable packaging.

One item that I have been eager to try is natural deodorants. Whilst a majority of deodorant products contain plastic or come in aerosol cans that are often non-recyclable, common deodorants also contain harmful carcinogenics and other health related implications that build up over time within our bodies due to the ingredients and chemicals used; so much so, that before swapping to alternative options, you must detox for several weeks to release the toxic build up from your underarms before using it. I'm currently within the detox period and let me tell you.... summer was the WORST choice of time to swap over, but hey, I've committed now.....This alternative is not only better for your health, but also contains a lot less packaging and only natural environmentally friendly ingredients. The company I have purchased from (linked below) supply their products in glass jars, or alternatively you can also make your own homemade recipes.

Here is a great recipe I found from another fellow blogger:


Additionally, I have also included our bamboo toothbrushes which are a great AND easy alternative to plastic ones, as well as my reusable cotton menstrual pads which I have written about in a few of my other pieces which you can access here:


The next area of change I wanted to briefly share is my habits within the laundry and household cleaning products. I wrote a piece back in November regarding this topic called 'Baby Steps', which goes into detail about the use of soap-berries as an alternative to other detergents. I recently purchased a book called 'Natural Cleaning' which has revolutionised my way of using cleaning products, and has encouraged me to continue to make more homemade alternatives as opposed to store bought, chemically filled products that come in awful packaging. Each recipe is super simple to make, and contains common ingredients already found in the home! It's a fun way to experiment whilst contributing positively to the environment with your cleaning habits.

The glass bottle shown in this photo contains a simple multipurpose vinegar and citrus solution I use for cleaning my bathroom tiles, cleaning the shower and also for bench tops that aren't granite or wood; this easy recipe can be found in 'Baby Steps'. These alternatives are cheaper options, kinder to our environment with their ingredients and are waste free, you can't go wrong with that!

Last but not least, I wanted to show a few other habits I have been slowly converting over to become waste free, as well as show the many books my partner and I have been reading in order to educate ourselves on the easy ways to make these alternative adjustments.... (and yes, there is a bee keeping book included! Stay tuned!). Books about sustainability with guides and tips for your own journey are becoming more and more common and accessible; making the shift so much easier for us all! We all can do it, it's just about knowing how! Like I always say- when you know better, you can do better. And really... there is no excuse here when there are so many resources available!

I wanted to briefly mention one product shown above called 'Agreena, 3 in 1 Wrap'. Similar to the more commonly known beeswax wrap alternatives, this product also substitutes plastic wrap; however without the animal products this is also an additional vegan alternative. Much like the 'Natural Cleaning' book I mentioned previously, this product has also revolutionised me and how I work in the kitchen. Unlike the beeswax wraps, and very much like it's named, this product has three uses. Not only does it work as a wrap, but it also works as an alternative to baking paper and tin foil. This silicon wrap can be frozen or put in the oven and used time and time again; it's magic, waste free and it's amazing! Definitely worth checking out!

So... after all of that, as this title suggests.... it's as easy as that! I still enjoy the same lifestyle, and so does my partner; which I might add- with us both being polar opposites in a number of ways, he has adjusted just as comfortably throughout these transitions. If anything, the process has been rather enjoyable and informative, as we have learnt a lot about what we really need and what was merely just convenience; and through that process we have also learnt the considerable negative impact we were contributing to this world. Although our adjustments may take a little more time to prepare or use, once you go through the process, these 'sacrifices' become minor when you realise the impact.

So to conclude this piece, I wanted to share my thoughts on a Facebook post I recently read that was talking about Australia's current weather conditions. This person mentioned how funny it was that our weather is contrasting so much throughout the nation currently. They acknowledged how crazy it is that one state can be experiencing extreme drought and another facing extreme floods, whilst severe bush fires are raging in another. Comments attached to this posts involved remarks such as 'that's Australia for you'.....

But what these people failed to consider was that these current contrasting climates are extreme, destructive, threatening and are beginning to become more contrasting; more so than they have ever been before. What this person failed to consider was that this is becoming more and more common across Australia and the globe, and that maybe this isn't just 'Australia for you', but is a result of our current choices and practises.

I wanted to mention this topic to continue to remind everyone of how serious this issue really is and how important our choices have now become, and how necessary it is to be more conscious of our impact. We cannot deny that there has been a peculiar growth in these extreme weather conditions around the world; amongst many other environmental issues and concerns. We cannot ignore the correlation between our choices of convenience which favours landfill, as well as many other thoughtless decisions and choices made both politically and within our homes, are resulting in major contributions to our planet's green house gasses, all of which contribute to these extreme conditions.

It's time to stop pushing this issue aside and begin to take climate change seriously, as our planet is depleting right now, and will only continue to do so. When we really sit back and evaluate our own abilities and positions for potential power and change, what's it really to you? How much will swapping a toothbrush really effect you?

It's as easy as that.... swap your hand-wash and shampoo, swap your plastic bags and straws and while you're at it, why not try something new? Try something that's going to contribute a positive change; we have enough of the negative in this world. When we begin to realise that something so small can have such a large impact, we can do a lot of wonderful things.

If I can do it, so can you. There are no excuses now.

Below are links to each product I have mentioned within this blog. Change CAN start with these products:

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