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Knowing Your Impact

The focus of privilege has been a very deliberate choice on this platform, and is something we have been very conscious of through each discussion and discourse we pursue. The intention of such a focus is not to exclude, rather challenge a particular group of people who often have the largest impact on our society and those considered in vulnerable positions.


Through this, we aim at making people aware of their privileged position and the impact they may have on others as a result.

Being aware of your privilege should not be seen as a burden. Rather, being aware of your position and power within society should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and be responsible, so we can collectively challenge our current systems that are limiting others to the same opportunities we so freely and easily benefit from.

Being aware and using our privilege for good, allows for an inclusive world for everyone.

"The more privilege you have, the more opportunity you have. The more opportunity you have, the more responsibility you have." - Noam Chomsky


"An unearned advantage and access to power based on the benefit of being apart of a dominant social group".

It's important to note that 'white privilege' or 'racial privilege' is only one form of privilege.

Privilege is also found in many other forms, including gender, sexual orientation, able-bodiness, class, religion and so forth.

Privilege Checklist for Beginners










Hetero- Sexual



Checklist of privilege by Peggy McIntosh- Associate Director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women.

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