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Refugee Rights

There are an estimated 70.8 million people displaced around the world today.


This is the highest number in modern history and has continued to increase since 1951. This number has continued to dramatically increase in the last decade.

The refugee crisis is a global crisis.

Australia's Treatment

Geographically, Australia is very isolated, which allows for easier control of who comes into the country's borders.

As a result, this makes it a lot more difficult for people to seek asylum within Australia. It also means that the use of boats as a method for transportation is common for those seeking asylum.

Australia's policies surrounding the processing and treatment of refugees and asylum seekers have been considered one of the cruellest in the world.

Consequently, such harsh policies have reflected a strong lack of support and acceptance towards refugees and asylum seekers within the Australia community.

Through false media portrayals and the saturation of negative depictions, the current attitude towards refugees and asylum seekers is perceived through fear and misconceptions.

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